About me

Hi folks! This is Andy, my call is IK2SOE and my QTH is located close to the south-west limit of Milano City.
Coordinates are ZONE: CQ 15 ~ ITU 28 - WWL: JN45NK. I was a radiotelegraph operator in the Navy (Sgt. RT).
This site has been set principally for and is dedicated to all those OM who usually operate their Amateur Radio Station with the largest use of CW as the main two-way transmission mode.
Within the contents of the next pages, I've tried to present the most exhaustive collection of informations about the main CW Clubs in Italy, whose purpose is to maintain, preserve and encourage the use of CW as the most simple, beautiful and satisfactory method of radio communication.
They are:

I.N.O.R.C. (Italian Naval "Old Rhythmers" Club), which membership is reserved to those OM/SWL coming from military Navy and/or merchant Marine, in which they were enroled as radiotelegraph operator. Associated membership is provided for non-Navy operators.
MY INORC #: 325
MARCONI Club A.R.I. Loano giving the "MARCONISTA" honorific qualification.
A.R.M.I. (Associazione Radioamatori Marinai Italiani), very similar to INORC
MY ARMI #: 008
CLUB TELEGRAPHY ITALY (A.R.I. Radioamatori Radiotelegrafisti), an ARI-associated club releasing a symbolic patent in recognition of CW transmission dedication.
MY CTI #: 408
G.R.T. (Gruppo Radio Telegrafisti), a new Group based on the Forum of www.telegrafia.it website.
MY GRT #: 010

More Clubs membership:

N.A.Q.C.C. (North American QRP CW Club)
MY NAQCC #: 3718
S.K.C.C. (Straight Key Century Club)
MY SKCC #: 5827
A1 Club (Japanese CW Club)
MY A1 #: 1509

When can I be found on air?

Usually I am active (when I am... HI) through the HF bands everyday since 22 (UTC) till 01 (UTC);
but it's not rare I am operating even at late afternoon, about 16 to 19 (UTC) and early morning on saturday and sunday.
Anyway, you may know if I am on the air (and on which band) or not just looking at the bottom of the browser window
When I am operating, I keep "real time" updated this information
Do you need a sked? e-mail me! ;-)

Contest Operations
I've been QRT for a long time, about 4 years, and for a longer time, 7 years, I was not running up a contest.
But now (Nov.2004) that I'm back and QRV, it's possible catch me during the following contests:

By now, only these are contests where it's almost sure you may QSO with me
and I'm not planning to be running up in WWDX and WPX or similar. (This is due to "family peace-keeping".... HI ! )

In 2008 I was operating during Naval contest in 40m with the special callsign II2IGTO (Submarine Enrico Toti) - QSL via buro to that call

Important Notice about QSL !
Please take note that I ALWAYS send my QSL first, either via buro or via CBA if requested.
If you don't receive it within a reasonable lapse of time, first check if you are in log through the MAIN MENU of my site
Then, if you are, let me know about the delay, either via e-mail or with a note into my guestbook: I'll send a new QSL "asap".


Awards and Rankings

QSL/QSO statistics

Now enjoy surfing my site.
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Best 73 de Andy